Ranya Renee in Philadelphia!

Oreet and Fatima Bassmah present…

Organically Grown Egyptian Oriental

With Ranya Renee

Ranya-darkgreen-Hoda-photo by Greg Kessler-DSC8777Saturday, January 23rd
1:00 pm – 5:30 pm
First Position Dance Arts
19 W. Lancaster Ave., Ardmore, PA 19003
$90 through January 9th, $110 after and at the door

(Snow date – Saturday, March 5th)

A juicy, integrated journey into classic Oriental dance design, from the ground up! From in-place taqasim to around-the-space traveling combinations, we’ll explore deep, satisfying Egyptian technique expressing the forward motion of the melody line in the body—movement evolution driven by musical phrasing, all in a yummy dance workout!

Ranya will bring us back into a slightly retro vibe, one that never goes out of style, to mine the gold from a traditional approach to Egyptian rhythms and steps in Oriental dance. We’ll start with a juicy old-school baladi-shaabi warmup, to get the body’s internal relationships cooking between floor and hips, and work posturally for elegant support all the way up. Then we’ll move into organic Oriental in-place and traveling combinations, working with different types of steps that are traditionally applied to specific rhythms, in the context of melodic phrasing… also how to travel without traveling far, and how to travel farther but still get back home in time. Many dancers stick with just the rhythmic cycles and the usual counts of 8, but focusing on the melody line brings out the romantic essence of the dance and allows for greater personal expression.

Strong and graceful use of the hands and arms will aid physical phrasing of the melody and direct the audience’s attention. Breathing along with the musical phrases will bring out the overarching melody line, helping to avoid a choppy look and smoothing transitions between phrases and sections. We’ll address how to count so that it doesn’t look “count-y,” and also how to stop counting to focus on the feeling and directionality of the music. In terms of music selections, we’ll dance to a variety of classy, tasteful pieces…plus a few raunchy numbers to spice things up for ya. Exercises will include technique drills workout, guided combination and evolution of key steps within and between different rhythms, musicality practice, and improvisation work.

About Ranya Renee

Ranya Renee, of New York City, began her performing career in theater, and has been bellydancing since 1990. She tours internationally teaching Egyptian dance and performance skills, and has created three popular instructional DVDs: Bellydance Egyptian Style: The Baladi; Bellydance Egyptian Style: Modern Oriental; and Bellydance Taqasim: Improvisation Skills & Drills. Ranya co-directs the New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference, produces the new Classic Orientale Egyptian Dance Intensive, and has presented company work at numerous events and conferences. For more about Ranya, visit www.ranya.net.

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First Position Dance Arts
19 W. Lancaster Ave., Ardmore, PA 19003

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