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Dance Like an Egyptian:  Teacher says belly dance is for everyone, March 5th, 2013, Burlington Count Times – Front page photo and interview with Fatima Bassmah on belly dance and her class series at the Mt. Laurel library.  There’s a video too!

An Interview with Habiba, July, 2013, Belly Dance Chronicles - Interview with Habiba of Philadelphia on the success of her studio and dance ensemble as they celebrate their 30th year, as well as the changes she has seen through the years

Farida Fahmy Sets the Record Straight: Innovation and Costuming of The Reda Troupe, Gilded Serpent, January 1, 2011 – Interview with Farida Fahmy (with me at left), discussing the design and concept of Reda troupe costuming

My Dinner with Nadia Hamdi, January 2009, Gilded Serpent – discusses meeting famous dancer Nadia Hamdi during my first trip to Egypt.

The Ghawazi: Back From the Brink of Extinction (For now), August 2009, Gilded Serpent – written by Habiba, discusses our trip to Egypt in January 2009 and studying with Khairiyya Mazin.



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Traveling to Egypt

Hotel Longchamps – My favorite hotel in Cairo, located in beautiful Zamalek. The hotel is reasonably priced, immaculate, close to everything, and the service is outstanding. Hebba and Andrea (the owner and manager) go out of their way and their staff is wonderful.

Nile Group Festival – My favorite festival in Cairo. Classes are small, well priced, and with the top Egyptian dancers and choreographers. The gala shows in the evening are amazing.

Nibal Gouda- (pictured with me at left) is one of the foremost guides in Cairo, and there are a million excellent reviews of her on the internet. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and goes out of her way to take care of her guests. Her english is excellent, and she is a consummate professional. She’s also a close friend who I love dearly.

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